About Me

Well for starters, my name is Lillian however I go by Lilly. I work full time as a nurse and boy do I love my job! Of course with the state of everything, work has been well crazy to say the least. Nonetheless its the job I have wanted since I was 3 years old and I love it everyday.

I live in MA with my boyfriend and our amazing puppo named Lola. We rescued her from a rescue probable 2 weeks after we bought our very first house. She's perfect! My boyfriend? ehh he's okay I guess haha

I started Scrubs and Crafts back in January of 2020, right before the pandemic hit honestly. I never expected this to happen. However I also didn't think I would have to halt my business plans the way I did as well. However now that things, well I don't want to say have settled because they haven't, but now that they're a little different and I am in a different job. I definitely have a little more time to focus on what I started two years ago.

I love being crafty and I always have my entire life. I love making tumblers, they're so much fun. . I just love making a gift for someone and seeing their eyes widen in excitement or making a memorial piece and seeing someone just be so excited with the gift they have no words. It kind of gives me a similar feeling to when a patient is getting better and they say thank you.

It's truly an amazing feeling. I just love making people happy and enjoying things. I love giving gifts and what better way than to create things people love!? So lets create things together(: