Do you allow Returns?

  • Returns on items are not allowed. The reason being, it is a custom product. even my ready to sell products have the same policy. I show mock ups every step of the way. I ask for permission of every piece throughout the customization process. However, I am open to discussing fixing an issue that may arise. However, under no uncertain circumstances will a customer be allowed to keep a product they stated is incorrect and then be given a free new product on top of that. The old product MUST be returned to me in order for me to fix the issue. If there truly is an issue. Unless there is error or damage due to something I did, no returns will be allowed

Turn Around Time

  • TAT is generally 3-6 weeks. This does not include holidays and weekends. If you need something sooner, a message is to be sent to me PRIOR to ordering to ensure that this is a feasible option for me to do. A rush fee will be applied.
  • Be mindful this TAT could change at any time depending on when supplies arrive, I keep a certain amount of stock at my house, but at times things are not here and I need to order them which takes time. My suppliers ship quickly which is extremely helpful. If there is any issues with TAT for any of my items, you will be contacted. I do not control USPS when it comes to getting supplies. My TAT is in regards to when the item will ship, not when it arrives to your house. If you need an item rushed, please message me a rush fee will be charged, but it can usually be done. 

Custom Orders/Orders with specific details

  • I am in constant contact with my customers when it comes to a custom product. I want to ensure that they get the product they want the way they want it and there are no issues. This requires an open line of communication. If messages go unanswered, this will further push out the TAT. If you order a product that requires customization, please respond to the emails/messages sent out. This will streamline the process of getting your product to you.

Messaging me about orders

  • Unless you need something changed in your order for some reason and it is prior to me starting the order itself, please do not incessantly message me regarding your order or regarding when it will be done. One of two things will happen if this happens: I will NOT answer constant messages regarding "when will my product be done/when will it ship?" or " is my product done yet? what's taking so long" or I continue to answer said messages and the TAT time ends up taking longer than originally posted because I am not taking time away from doing said products.
  • Do NOT message me about your product in regards to it shipping prior to the TAT passing, in business days. Weekends & holidays are not included in my TAT so please be mindful of this when trying to see when something should be done. Just because weekends are not included in my TAT , that does not mean I’m not hard at work getting your order done  I may message you on the weekend regarding your order- if I do please respond as quickly as possible to streamline the TAT time even more 💙

Item Lost During Shipping 

  • Once an item has left my hands, it is no longer within my control. Please do not ask me when the product will be delivered (I offer tracking and it will be provided for you) or message me angry that it's not there within the TAT. My TAT references how long it takes for me to send it out. I do not control the post office by any means. I don't dictate how long it will take them to get a product to you. I do, however, offer route protection services to track packages, notify you when they are moving through the shipping process, and to guarantee they are delivered to you. This service also protects the product itself if it is lost in transit or even damaged. If you, the customer, choose to deselect this service you forfeit the right to file a claim to have your product replaced with me. I will NOT replace any products who do not have route protection on them. The service is a tiny cost  and will protect your package. This is non-negotiable. You can file a claim with USPS (if shipped with them), if you did not choose Route with your order, as they do guarantee products up to a certain amount, however the customer themselves has to do it. I am unable to do this for you. Please do not contact me, angrily, demanding a refund , demanding that I somehow give you a new product. It won’t happen. I don’t stand for disrespect. Route shipping protection services are automatically checked as an option- so if you don’t “deselect” it then you’ll automatically have it and you’ll be covered!

Damaged Goods/Incorrect Order

  • If your item is delivered to you damaged and you did not select Route on your order, your item is not covered. I offer this service as a protection to my customers to help them in case their package is lost, stolen, or damaged. It is an amazing service and will help throughout the process if something happens. You can however file a claim through USPS, but I can’t promise they will replace it or refund any money. If the order is refunded to you - in order for me to remake the product the money has to be refunded to me. Since I’m the one who is making the product for a second time. If the reimbursement is not provided to me, a new item will not be made because the customer would essentially be attempting to get a free product. I will provide a shipping label to have the damaged item sent back to me as well, at no cost to you, the customer, you just print it out.
  • If you receive the incorrect order, please contact me immediately. Show me the item that was shipped to you so I can go through the order and ensure there is a mistake. If one is in fact found, I will send you a shipping label to be printed out, to have the item shipped back to me. Once the item is received by me I will go ahead and ship out the correct item. I do NOT allow customers to keep incorrect items if they are insisting on getting a new item. I work extremely hard on my items and don’t have room to stock a million things- that product that was made incorrectly can be very useful for me in another way.
Digital Products
  • All of my digital items are for personal use and commercial use on finished products only. In no way shape or form are my images to be sold, altered, or used in any other form except for a finished product, not including sublimation prints, prints of any kind, and/or stickers. Finished products refer to tshirts, keychains, tumblers, and the like. They are not to be uploaded onto any website as a freebie nor is the file itself to be given to anyone as a gift. Doing so is against the copyright license of the images I have created. If you have an issue with one of the digital files please email me and I will contact you as soon as I can. I do not under any circumstances offer refunds on digital files, due to the nature of them. They will be offered to you for immediate download once payment is received. They are digital in nature which means no physical product will be sent to you. They are not to be altered or changed and resold under any circumstances.